[EpiData-list] How to: What do I do when Installation says "Unknown Publisher"

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Thu Oct 6 01:22:03 CDT 2005

With Windows XP a new system has been invoked where software developers 
can add certificates to the software making sure from where a certain 
software comes.

To get such a certificate for EpiData costs some funding. Maybe it is 
worthwhile paying and maybe not. Another "running cost" without other 
aspect than having an external certification office, e.g. verisign 
telling that software from http://www.epidata.dk is certified to come 
from epidata.dk is maybe not needed.

What users can do to certify that there is no problem in installing 
EpiData software and be sure that there is no problem with this is:

1. Always get copies of software directly from Http://www.epidata.dk
2. Add "Http://www.epidata.dk" to "trusted websites" in
    2a - firewall
    2b - instllation policy of the individual user PC
    2c - installation and software policy of the institution.

Until someone finds a "software publisher certificate" essential and 
wishes to fund the issuing of a certificate I think funding is better 
spent on development.

So in short: When the installation message says "Unknown publisher" - if 
you downloaded the software from Http://www.epidata.dk/download.php you 
can say yes to the install. If your system prevents this, then follow 
the advice points 2a-2c and try again.

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

ps. Very few bugs have been documented in analysis.
In the solving of those present undocumented updated versions for 
testing will be available as 
When a coming build is available for test this will be mentioned at the 
test page as usual- avialable through the link on the left side of the 
main menu.

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