[EpiData-list] How to: Recover "epidata rec files" or get sufficient help from others.

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Tue Oct 11 15:54:10 CDT 2005

A good recovery strategy when something goes wrong is:

1. Ask yourself "When was I in control the last time"
2. What did I do since I was in control of the situation.
3. What might I have done wrong since the control.
4. What was I intending to do at the time when I felt no longer in 
control of the situation.
5. Do I think the "loss of control" is due to a software error, a 
hardware (e.g. harddisk broken) error or a user error ?
6. How much work should I repeat to continue working from my last backup 
of all data (I assume you do have a copy somewhere).
7. Can I repeat the steps from the "in control situation" to the "out of 
control situation" and the same thing happens every time.

If you can answer these questions you have a very good clue for the 
solution or the appropriate information to tell someone who can assist 
you - e.g. other users on this list.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association
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