[EpiData-list] Re: Double Entry Error and @ when exporting to SPSS

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Fri Oct 14 14:54:36 CDT 2005

I have a problem with results of calculation during double entry. During
> double entry, all calculations give same results as first entry except only
> for few subjects. 
Mystery sometimes happen - I am not sure what the problem is here.

But we are just now working on different aspects of double entry 
verification. With the next build of EpiData Entry these errors should 
be fixed.  For the finding of errors it would be very good if users 
could supply us with the rec+chk files giving problems. If someone as 
indicated on the list recently have examples creating problems please 
provide them for us for testing. The known issues to settle are:
1. Sometimes the double entry verification does not move on to the next 
record (problem with range definition in last field)
2. The calculation error indicated today.

Send the files as zipped files (e.g. with few records, say 2-5) to info 
@ epidata.dk with a clear subject indicating that this is not spam, e.g 
EpiData test case for finding double entry problem.

Exporting to SPSS from old to new version of EpiData. The EpiData file 
format has not changed apart from the addition of encrypted fields and 
<yyyy/mm/dd> fields

What most likely cause your problems is that the setting of "variable 
name" as first word or automatic was different on the two computers. 
Also for export to SPSS you do not need the QES file, but the chk file 
(definition of value labels and missing data) + the rec file (definition 
of fields, variable labels and all of the data).


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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