[EpiData-list] How to go for new record if you have two parts in EpiData?

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Fri Oct 21 03:52:10 CDT 2005

I have database made of two parts. When we finish data entry in "part 2",
instead of moving to new record file, and we expect to see part 1, we get
new record file in part 2.
Example: when we enter questionnaire number 1-part 1. Then part 2 opens for
the same questionnaire 1. At the end of part 2, instead of moving to
questionnaire 2 to start doing data entry, it gives us new record file under
part 2 for questionnaire 1.
 Any advice(s)?
 Thank you in advance!
Best regards!
Centre for Studies of Complementary Medicine
Karolinska Institutet

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