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Tue Oct 25 21:36:35 CDT 2005

Well, Megan.
As I know, simultaneous entries are not possible.
I have been using EpiData in clinical research and constantly dealing with 
multiple users input.
Right now I am creating a set of files to be used for a multicenter study 
about Neonatal Care Units (up to 50).
What I do is to distribute sets of REC/CHK files (named specifically after 
each center) and recover the filled REC files through the use of a Web 
based free, but access-limited Group (like Yahoo Groups), what turns to be 
a additional backup system for my precious files.
Having different files make it possible to first check the adequacy of each 
file before combining them.
Combine files is quite fast and easy.
Hope it helps.

Dr. MARCO Antonio MOURA Reis, MD, PhD
Discipline of Medical Informatics
Department of Medicine
University of Region of Joinville - UNIVILLE
Joinville (SC) - BRAZIL

E-mail: mmoura at infomedica.com.br

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