[EpiData-list] New version 1.0 celebrations and few suggestions

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Thu Oct 27 11:27:08 CDT 2005

  Dear Jens and other friends of Epidata Team,
              I have just joined the list last week. First of all congratulations for the excellent software developed maintaining the simplicity  of EPI6. Good graphic are good addition to that simplicity. Fine controls of percents in the Tables command are just superb. The wishlist is long and it takes lot of effort to fulfil that. However few suggestions;
 a. Multiple Bar Charts which can depict gender comparisons of a 
    variable in the same graph.
 b. Freq command with switches such as freq v1 sum=v2, /n /p etc.
 c. Combine command.
 d. Freq command requires some corrections as simple freq command of 
    a variable gives an error message "Too many categories".
 e. In the long run 3D graphic for appropriate data.

Please keep up this good work.

Dr. Shavinder Singh
Department of Community Medicine,

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