[EpiData-list] Administrative comments on recent issues on EpiData-List

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Thu Oct 27 14:36:16 CDT 2005

Good colleagues.

A few administrative issues:
1. The list has been set up to enhance communication by e-mail and to 
limit size of each posting.
For users with fast internet size of a mail is not a concern, but for 
people on slow modem lines large mails creates large problems. So as of 
now the following rules guide the list:
      a. Attachments must be small
     b. Text in e-mail must be small.
A combined limit of 25kb has been defined. A few days back a user 
attached a rec file with the size of almost 1mb which is far exceeding 
this size.

Individual users can exchange large attachments outside the list 
directly as suggested by Jamie Hockin.

2. Only certain attachments are allowed, e.g. small rec, chk and qes files.

3. Minimise the number of lines when you answer or comment on other mails.
If a user asks a question - then on the reply only keep the minimal part 
indicating the topic of the question and reply. Otherwise the complete 
originating mail can be repeated several times.

4. Bouncing.
When a person has an automatic mail saying e.g. "I am out of office 
please ....." then when a notice from the list comes to that person a 
message is sent to the person. The automatic message is sent back to the 
list, which then replies to the user etc.
So if no mechanism controls several hundred mails can bounce back and 

Therefore some users will experience to be automatically signed off the 
list. This is not a censorship or similar but a mechanism to avoid that 
everyone gets many "I am out of office..." messages.

If you are excluded by "bounce-control" then just sign on to the list 
again when you are back from the leave. Or maybe create a different 
e-mail account which you use for receiving list messages.

5. Write in a specific and short manner and protect your e-mail adress
You should be aware that messages you send to the list are:
- distributed to all members (currently nearing 200)
- is kept as part of the archive and is available for searching on internet.
So to minimise the chance that your e-mail  is trapped and used in a 
virus spread do not write it directly if you wish to receive personal 
mails, but write something like xxx at yyyy  zz   or similar. instead of 
xxx at yyyy.zz 
6. Only users who are members of the list can submit messages.
The first message by a new list member is sent to list administrators 
for approval. We could turn this off, but it will result in 
advertisements or spam messages every so often.

I assume list members appreciate the principles above, but I am willing 
to discuss some of them. E.g. the size of allowed attachments and mails.

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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