[EpiData-list] set table value and label on/off and getting back to analysis output view

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Sun Oct 30 08:32:59 CST 2005

Set table value = off       - and on
Only works if the variables has a defined comment legal

With the bromar.rec supplied with analysis:

set table value = on
tab sex
	No.	%
1 Female	490	12.17
2 Male	3537	87.83
Total	4027	100%

set table value = off

tab sex
	No.	%
Female	490	12.17
Male	3537	87.83
Total	4027	100%

set table label = off

tab sex

	No.	%
1	490	12.17
2	3537	87.83
Total	4027	100%

(2) Analysis: when using Help:
select (a) how to, (b) commands&func, (c) Intro
when u select either of these u cannot get back to Analysis without 
first Quiting the program.

To show output again Either:
1. Click on "Viewer" in tool bar and "Show Output"
2. Have your cursor active somewhere on the output (e.g. in the middle 
of help) and press ESC

3. Issue the command CLS (clear screen) and produce new output.
The cls command is important every so often if you think the programme 
is slowing down. This is due to the way output is formed.

regards Jens Lauritsen

EpiData Association

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