[EpiData-list] EpiData editor, set tables

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Thu Nov 3 07:46:09 CST 2005

(1)the problem with the set command NOT working was because when the .DBF
data set was imported and then saved as a .REC the 'new' data set contained the
var. name DATE.  EpiDataStat went crazy, sorta.  no error message about reserved words
or anything so helpful. so, it wasn't the .CHK constuct. 
(2) how does one control the EpiData editor?
i spent considerable time creating a data collection instrument and the result was less
than desirable when trying to print the form either at Data Entry or from the editor.
so there must be something in the fine print which i haven't seen. how to get
it to wrap at 80 cols., what about type size, etc. page length etc.


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