[EpiData-list] Version 1.1 of Analysis ready for testing

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Mon Nov 14 08:20:22 CST 2005

V1.1 of analysis is ready for testing.

Major news is:
    *  Modified Output file principle - default file will open on start of programme
    * New commands
          o aggregate (abbreviation agg) - create aggregated statistics
          o stattables (abbreviation stattab) - tabulate aggregated statistics
          o label variables (label "text" ) 
    * Modifications to set
          o "Set window font size" defines size of "F3/F2/F7" windows on right side of screen
          o "Set editor font size" defines size of font in editor
          o "Set graph colour" defines bar chart colouring (default value: 123456)
          o Variable label addition to tables, graphs etc. controlled with "set var label" and "set var name" 
    * Modified Commands
          o SPC charts: Test1 modified for Run Charts
          o SPC charts: Missing in count variable allowed
          o temporary select "if" must be placed at the end of a command
            except: select and count "if" must follow select/count
          o Variable label added to frequency tables
          o Link to introduction pdf file added to help menu
          o Right mouse click on variable (F3 window) shows all variable definitions
          o Default colouring of bar charts: Each bar separate colour
          o Graphs addition of Y axis text: /Ytext= and /Xtext= (default is variable label of x-variable)
    * Bugs fixed:
          o error with parsing of if command - which could replace data
          o Means group error with one observation in a group 

Please see all changes on: http://www.epidata.dk/analysisinfo/docs/versioninfo.htm 

The stattables / aggregate command will produce summary statistics based on grouping of the dataset and optionally save the results as a file or shift from current file to the aggregated file. A number of statistics are available, see command reference for further information. 

For Epi Info v6 users the Stattables is a replacement for the sumfreq and sumtab command. 


Jens Lauritsen

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