[EpiData-list] EpiData Entry and EpiC - new build/release (14nov2005)

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Tue Nov 15 01:45:40 CST 2005

(141105): Bug fix and modifications to EpiData Entry has been released 
for all languages:

          o New startup parameter /FINDvarname=text e.g.
            EpiData.exe mydata.rec /FINDid=45
            would start epidata.exe, look for number 45 in field id. If
            not found then add a new record and put the value 45 into
            field id.
          o If EpiDatastat.exe is found in same folder as EpiData.exe,
            then show tools with Analysis.
          o Adding of verified End Of Record status marker ^ (verified)
            in double entry
          o Bugfixes:
            Find-record did not respect filter
            AutoSearch error fixed (affected if same value as last
            record was entered)
            Save Record will not save an empty record
            Type statusbar error when autosearch and type statusbar was
            in same field
            Double Entry could not save records marked for deletion
    * In the next few days we will further check on the reported errors
      with double entry (lack of moving to new records)

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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