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Sat Dec 3 13:52:32 CST 2005

For NON-Stata users this mail is not relevant.

Regarding the display format I forgot to show a solution:

1. export data to Stata format
     Either use EpiData and choose the version of Stata you prefer
     or use EpiC
2. Read the data into Stata
3. Set the display format as you desire:
e.g. for a file myfile.rec to export to Stata and set numerical format 
%9.0g for all variables:
      epic export stata test\testdata\bromar.rec  * replace

      Start Stata and issue the commands:
      use bromar.dta
      for var * : capture format X %9.0g
     ci .......
The reason for capture is that if you have a string variable there would 
be an error.
Instead of the "for var *" you can use for var v1 v3 v13 etc and name 
the variables explicitly.
In newer versions of Stata an alternative is foreach

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association


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