[EpiData-list] Color of files during data entry and backup as check file command

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Mon Dec 12 04:15:03 CST 2005

In the help file users can find information on this:
 color data black yellow aqua
 color background white

But not further information on how to use these check file commands.
One example is:
 color data black yellow aqua
 color background white

Which will give yellow fields and aqua current entry fields. The background will be white and the colour of texts black.

Backup as check file command
The backup command documentation is incorrect in the help file. The help file says:
  BACKUP F:\backup\distinationdirectory ZIP myzipfile.zip [DATE]

This should be: (to create a zip file with the date appended to the zip file name)
  BACKUP F:\backup\distinationdirectory ZIP myzipfile  [DATE]

It is always good practice to search the help file for a given word and if the examples are insufficient - then suggest to the list how it could be formulated. If users are not using the help system and this is due to faulty help system, then criticise the help system. But sometimes it appears that questions are asked without the user spending time on:
1. Looking in the help system
2. Searching old messages in the epidata-list on the topic
3. Looking in the further documentation supplied at the web page. 

We are now experimenting with solutions to translate analysis and create focused help. Users knowing of funding resources for translation please contact me at: 
info"at"epidata.dk     (replace "at" with @)

Best Regards
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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