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Mon Feb 6 16:46:06 CST 2006

 > I'm searching how i could export data to spss using code in a check 
file.The form is made out of 5 differents .rec, related by a KEY variable.

The easiest would be to export the files via  the EpiC batch processor, 
which you get from the Epidata.dk web site on the download page.  
Include this in an "after file" block, which should work. Alternatively 
if you system still blocks the file create a cmd or bat file containing 
the epic commands, something like (experiment a bit):

EpiC export spss file1 *  replace
EpiC export spss file2 *  replace
EpiC export spss file3 *  replace
EpiC export spss file4 *  replace
EpiC export spss file5 *  replace

Now you have your five spss syntax files that you ran in SPSS.

Other examples are:
EpiC e stata allaes *
Exports allaes.rec in the same directory as epic.exe to a new Stata file 
with the filename allaes.dta. All records in allaes.rec are exported.

EpiC e xls allaes * filter="ID=276"
Exports allaes.rec to allaes.xls. Only records where the field ID equals 
the value 276 are exported.

EpiC e SPSS allaes * filter="AESRATER='TP'"
Exports allaes.rec to allaes.dbf. Only records where AESRATER equals 
'TP' are exported.

EpiC e epd allaes "c:\new\newallaes.rec" fromrec=100 torec=199 WITHDELS 
Exports allaes.rec to a new epidata datafile called 
c:\new\newallaes.rec. Only records #100-#199 are exported. Include  
marked for deletion and replace the datafile.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

ps. The ability to pay contributions with credit-card to EpIData 
Association will be closed within a few weeks. The early contributions 
only barely exceeds the costs for running that service. Future donations 
(after the closure) will have to be made with bank-bank transfer.

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