[EpiData-list] Export code in a .chk file

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Thu Feb 9 02:18:11 CST 2006

>.....I used the EXPORT.exe from an old version of Epi-Info with the
EXECUTE command in epidata. It seems to work very well.

This would work, but if you have properly defined e.g. missing values and
value labels (comment legal) in the chk file for your study, then
neither variable lable, value label or missing value will be exported to
SPSS with the old epi6 export file (I could be wrong).

Regarding BACKUP command. If you want one copy marked with current

IF you want as well a working copy in the backup folder and a zip copy,
something like this (the principle here should be tested with proper files):

  * first backup from current folder to f:\backup
  BACKUP F:\backup\

  * then create a copy of that folder with EpiC:
    c:\epidata\EpiC zip f:\backupzip\prjA  path replace date f:\backup

  * The backup file from today would be: f:\backupzip\prjA_09feb2006.zip

  * then export to SPSS
    c:\epidata\EpiC e spss f:\backup\file1 f:\spss\file1  replace
    c:\epidata\EpiC e spss f:\backup\file2 f:\spss\file1  replace
    c:\epidata\EpiC e spss f:\backup\file3 f:\spss\file1  replace
    c:\epidata\EpiC e spss f:\backup\file4 f:\spss\file1  replace
    c:\epidata\EpiC e spss f:\backup\file5 f:\spss\file1  replace

Note that all folders must be created before calling epic first time.

With the EpiC.exe being used all labels will be exported. I suggest that
you send the final solution to this list, such that other users can see

Jens Lauritsen
Coordinator and initiator of EpiData Project

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