[EpiData-list] /inc and /xmin /xmax in bar and histogram

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Mon Feb 27 12:00:56 CST 2006

These options have no place in bar and histograph
Example 1 : /XMIN="0" /XMAX="10" /XINC=1
Example 2 : /XMIN="0" /XMAX="10" /XINC="1"

and will be removed from the graph create form.

A bar uses only the values of the group variable assumed categorical. And each value
represented in the data will be shown. A small space will separate the bars. 

Unless you use the option /Xonly a histogram uses 
all values from minimum to maximum value and fills in any intermediate
value not found in the data. 

E.g. if data in variable V1 has values 10 20 30. : histogram v1
The histogram will show a bar with counts of observations at x=10
x=20 and x=30, and will show the values 11,12....19 21....29 without any bar.

With : his v1 /xonly
A condensed histogram will show with only values 10,20 and 30 and without space
between the bars. 


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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