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Dear epidata

I would like to set up a database for a clinic. The 4 rec files are history,
visit, bloodresults and treatment. The clinicnr of the patient is the unique
id that I would like to carry over between these rec files. Secondly the
number of  records for visits/bloodresults/treatment for each patient with a
specific clinicnr can be more than one over time. However history only has
to be completed once (can be mother file?).

When creating a relational database am I right if I say that  I cannot keep
clinicnr as the unique nr in every rec file as that will only allow ONE
record with that clinicnr and I need to be able to do multiple records eg
for visits on that one clinicnr. The House.rec etc example does not really
help me with this as the visit rec file is the last rec file. I have 3
"children files" following one after another.

Please help with the check files to relate these 4 files whilst keeping
clinicnr as the unique id but allowing multiple records per clinicnr.




Prof Paul Rheeder

Division of Clinical Epidemiology

Faculty of Health Sciences

University of Pretoria

PO Box 667

Pretoria 0001

Tel 27 12 354 1488

Fax 27 12 354 1489



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