[EpiData-list] Design decision for epidata analysis - missing and restricted words

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Sun Mar 19 14:34:20 CST 2006

This mail is technical in nature, if you are not interested in technical 
aspects, just delete the mail.

The issue of how to read ,., in a comma separated file is now solved and 
can be tested
in v 1.1, rel 7. build 68 - which is the latest on the web site.

One other issue which someone might want to comment on is the use of 
restricted words.
We know that the use of the words e.g.: date year month weeknum
and other common terms which can also be functions gives a problem.

It would be helpful if users will comment on strategies to handle this. 
The current implementation
is NOT to worry about this. In some programmes there is a list of 
illegal terms.

Should we :
a. Adopt a strategy, where users are warned when creating files where 
field names/variables are
   given the same names as a restricted word - a warning.

b. Maintain current where users will find out since either an error or 
occur or nothing happens when
    they create confusion in this way - a "non-friendly" way towards users.

c. A strategy where field names cannot have the same names as functions. 
- a restrictive strategy.

In future similar questions as this I will attempt to add "Design 
decision" .... in the subject line, such
that users on the list not wishing to get this type of mail can add to a 

To check which version a particular build of EpiData Analysis has issue 
the command:
. version
Current version: 1.1 Release 7 (Build 68)
If you are on internet the programme will also look up on the website 
the latest public release, e.g.:
Latest public release 1.1 Release 1 (Build 62)
Report problems and suggestions to <the EpiData list>
Development versions are located on the <EpiData testing page>

Where the text in < ......> are hyperlinks, such that if you click on 
them your standard browser will open on
those pages.

Jens Lauritsen

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