[EpiData-list] Design decision for epidata analysis - missing and restricted words

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Sun Mar 19 16:20:53 CST 2006

I vote for strategy a) to display a warning - this seems most user  
friendly and can reduce the problem well.
On 20 Mar 2006, at 7:34, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> This mail is technical in nature, if you are not interested in  
> technical aspects, just delete the mail.
> The issue of how to read ,., in a comma separated file is now  
> solved and can be tested
> in v 1.1, rel 7. build 68 - which is the latest on the web site.
> One other issue which someone might want to comment on is the use  
> of restricted words.
> We know that the use of the words e.g.: date year month weeknum
> and other common terms which can also be functions gives a problem.
> It would be helpful if users will comment on strategies to handle  
> this. The current implementation
> is NOT to worry about this. In some programmes there is a list of  
> illegal terms.
> Should we :
> a. Adopt a strategy, where users are warned when creating files  
> where field names/variables are
>   given the same names as a restricted word - a warning.
> b. Maintain current where users will find out since either an error  
> or occur or nothing happens when
>    they create confusion in this way - a "non-friendly" way towards  
> users.
> c. A strategy where field names cannot have the same names as  
> functions. - a restrictive strategy.
> In future similar questions as this I will attempt to add "Design  
> decision" .... in the subject line, such
> that users on the list not wishing to get this type of mail can add  
> to a filter.
> To check which version a particular build of EpiData Analysis has  
> issue the command:
> . version
> Current version: 1.1 Release 7 (Build 68)
> If you are on internet the programme will also look up on the  
> website the latest public release, e.g.:
> Latest public release 1.1 Release 1 (Build 62)
> Report problems and suggestions to <the EpiData list>
> Development versions are located on the <EpiData testing page>
> Where the text in < ......> are hyperlinks, such that if you click  
> on them your standard browser will open on
> those pages.
> regards
> Jens Lauritsen
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