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Tue Mar 21 10:47:36 CST 2006

> Should we :
> a. Adopt a strategy, where users are warned when creating files where
> field names/variables are
>    given the same names as a restricted word - a warning.
> b. Maintain current where users will find out since either an error or
> occur or nothing happens when
>     they create confusion in this way - a "non-friendly" way towards
> users.
> c. A strategy where field names cannot have the same names as functions.
>  - a restrictive strategy.
Hi, I don't fully understand what option a) implies. If an user receives a
warning, can (s)he continues working?. And what next?. Will (s)he get an
error sometimes?. In my opinion if there is a risk of conflict bettwen a
command or funtion name and the name of a field or variable this name
should be prohibited. So, i think the most restrictive option should be
implemented (whith a very clear message saying "the word XXXXX is a
reserved word, choose another for your variable name").

Saludos, Pedro

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