[EpiData-list] second try: order of missing values indocument->codebook

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Mon Mar 27 16:00:20 CST 2006

That variable is  a 2 digit number created with ## in the qes file.
  Here's the rest of the info about the variable  in the codebook:
                     type:  Number
             value labels:  label_ramde7
              range/legal:  0-10,98
                  missing:  6/52
                    range:  [3 ; 10]
            unique values:  8

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:  What kind of variable is it? This shouldn't happen id the variable is numeric.

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Didn't hear from anyone, so I'm trying again (sorry).
  I have been creating a dataset using epidata. I was looking through the  documentation->codebook to get a sense of the distribution ofvalues  for thevariables. I just noticed that the missing values (.) appear at  an almost random point in the otherwise ordered list (in this  example,between 9 and 10). I compared the codebook with SAS tables and  the data appear to be correct.
               tabulation:   Freq.    Pct.   Value   Label
                2   3.8    3 
                1   1.9    4  
               2       3.8          5   
               6  11.5          7  
               7     13.5          8  
               7     13.5          9  
               6     11.5          .  
              21     40.4        10  
    Any ideas why this might happen?
  Richard Herrell
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