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Hi there
I am currently analysing my first survey using Epidata Analysis instead of
DOS Epi Info (I hated Windows EpiInfo) and have been using Epidata quite a
lot for data entry, so now I am giving Analysis a go!  In the DOS EpiInfo I
have been able to use the "COMBINE" command to do a freq on a question where
more than 1 option can be selected.
Eg. Question: In which province do you primarily work? (You may choose more
than 1 option)
The provinces are then all listed and the respondents just tick
In my Epidata REC file I have numbered all the options from 1-10. I repeated
the question 4 times in the REC file, so that 4 options could be ticked (my
data does not have more than 4 options ticked for this Question - I
checked!) I have a dataset with 148 respondents. I know that my denominater
will increase with the "combine" command, but I am interested in the
percentages only.  
What command in Analysis will assist me with this analysis problem?
Warm regards,
Elize Webb
School of Health Systems and Public Health
University of Pretoria
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