[EpiData-list] EpiData Entry: issue with numeric fields and legal values

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Tue Aug 1 17:58:18 CDT 2006

What version are you using? I have never encountered this. In my quick 
test, the following allows 01 or 1<enter>
I trust you are not using quotes in the check file. If you legal values 
are consecutive, use RANGE. You can combine RANGE and LEGAL (for 1-5,9 
for example)



also works

Jamie Hockin
Public Health Agency of Canada

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have a problem with numeric fields of more than one digit in length,
> e.g. ##.
> All legal values (and their value labels) for the variables in my
> questionnaire are precoded in the CHK file. Currently, if a legal value
> is defined as "1", the data entry program does not accept "01" and vv:
> if a legal value is defined as "01" the data entry program does not
> accept "1".
> The typists usually type without looking the whole time at the screen so
> they prefer the legal values to be precoded 01, 02, 03 etc because if
> they enter "1" they would need to press ENTER before the cursor moves to
> the next field (which they do not need to do if the length of the field
> is one digit). 
> Precoding "01" etc initially seemed to work fine, but as soon as the
> record is saved, when the typist needs to return to the same record,
> e.g. to make a correction, the value "01" is reflected as "1" on the
> screen, and when passing through this field again, e.g. to move to a
> part that is further down in the questionnaire, an error message pops
> up: "illegal entry", and the typists believe they should change the "1"
> again into "01". This is at times quite a bit of a nuisance. 
> I think that one possible solution (I have not tried this yet) could be
> to define for all digits under 10 both "1", "2", "3" as well as "01",
> "02", etc as legal values (with the same value labels), but I think it
> is not very elegant. Is there another solution?
> PS. is there a command that can used in the CHK file to that after every
> entry the typist needs to press enter before the cursor moves to the
> next field? 
> Thanks a lot,
> Henriette
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