[EpiData-list] data entry error messages with beep sound

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Wed Aug 2 10:40:50 CDT 2006

  Dear  experts,

   I use Epidata for data entry and like the easy possibility to add checks 
to  field values entered during data entry, such as Range  , Legal etc...

Any time a value not valid  is entered, Epidata displays a small window to 
alert for the error.

My question is : Is it possible to have a BEEP  accompanying this (window) 
alert ?

I went to documentation , and to the EPIDATA-List, and get no direct 
answer. BEEP command is to be added by the user himself when needed.
( while I want a sound beep  systematically when any wrong value 
entered  i.e. a beep attached to the warning window itself and not to a 
particular field check code)

I went to OPTIONS and found advanced options  and  have checked the option 
"sound alerts" but seems no effective during data entry.

Any suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help.

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