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This might help (don't know, I've never used it):

>From the list of check file commands:


This will give a sound when the command is invoked. The BEEP has three
subtypes giving different sounds. A little experimentation is needed
since setup of sounds varies between computers. For the standard setup
of sounds in Windows the standard beep is used for beeping without
qualifier. For CONFIRMATION the exclamation sign (!) and for WARNING the
(?) is indicated in the sound setup system. BEEP can be used in
combination with IF ... THEN ....ENDIF blocks.



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epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
>  Dear  experts,
>   I use Epidata for data entry and like the easy possibility to add
> checks to  field values entered during data entry, such as Range  ,
> Legal etc...
> Any time a value not valid  is entered, Epidata displays a small window
> to alert for the error.
> My question is : Is it possible to have a BEEP  accompanying this
> (window) alert ?
> I went to documentation , and to the EPIDATA-List, and get no direct
> answer. BEEP command is to be added by the user himself when needed.
> ( while I want a sound beep  systematically when any wrong value
> entered  i.e. a beep attached to the warning window itself and not to a
> particular field check code)
> I went to OPTIONS and found advanced options  and  have checked the
> option "sound alerts" but seems no effective during data entry.
> Any suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help.
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