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Thu Aug 17 23:05:15 CDT 2006

Dear Jamie,
                      Thanks for the effort and time.

 I tried the TRUE FALSE option instead of “Y” and “N” , no luck. 

The examples you provided, were for European date format <dd/mm/yyyy>
Actually the applications developed in EPI6 were running for many years. EPI6 liked <mm/dd/yyyy> format. So the data entered over many years had actually American <mm/dd/yyyy> format.

I defined a new variable , AATDATE2 <dd/mm/yyyy> format, copied and converted American dates data to <dd/mm/yyyy>.

Your last suggestion PQ= (ATTDATE2 >=DMY(1,1,2006)  AND  (ATTDATE2 <=DMY(30,3,2006) worked then.

 Epi Analysis does not feel comfortable with American date format. I am not professional programmer but still  strongly feel that date/ date range selection should be simple and intuitive. 

Rather than posting fresh message, I request you to kindly help to solve following two queries also;

1.What is the EPI ANALYSIS equivalent of  EPI6 command SET    

  PROCESS=BOTH. EPI ANALYSIS processes only undeleted records.

2. While running long PGMs in EPI ANALYSIS,  if no records are selected after a select condition, the programme “aborts”.  The rest of the commands of the PGM are not processed.    You might remember, EPI6 could run PGMs of any length, closing database, recoding, erasing and writing new .rec  files  easily.  

Jens and his Epidata Team have done a marvelous job of preserving the functionality of  EPI6.  May be few fine tuning are still required in this good effort. 

With regards

Dr. Shavinder Singh
Department of Community Medicine



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