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Dear all,

Thank you very much for the various valuable suggestions that I recently
received to solve the issues around having both 01 and 1 accepted as
legal value for a numerical field. I adopted a combination of strategies
and think it is working fine now.

Now I have an issue around deleted records. Because my QES and CHK files
are so large I always have to work with related files for single
(non-hierarchical) questionnaires. (As reported on this forum before, it
is usually the 64k limit of the CHK file that forces me to split up my
entry screens, rather than the 999 lines limitation for the QES).
Because of this when a record needs to be deleted it will have to be
done in both parts. Any error in this will result in orphaned bits of
records so I insist the data entry supervisors watch out for this.  Is
there a fast way that the data entry supervisor can find the deleted
files in a record? When I use "document" "view data" I do not see which
records are deleted. I think I am probably overlooking something. Is
there a way to make the deleted records quickly visible (without having
to go through all of them one by one in the entry mode)?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions.
Best regards,

Dr Henrica A.F.M. (Henriette) Jansen
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