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Sun Aug 20 11:12:30 CDT 2006

Here is a follow up to my earlier reply. Clearly I wasn't thinking in 
simple terms when I proposed the complicated solution. Analysis has 
access to two (and maybe more) very useful 'hidden' variables:

RECNUMBER - (real number) the current record number (based on current sort)
RECDELETED - (Y/N) the deletion status of the current record
You onlly have access to these in LET statements. You cannot LIST or 
BROWSE them or use commands like FREQ on them.

So the simple solution to finding deleted records in Analysis is:

read file1
list if recdeleted

will list all fields for deleted records only. Of course it make more 
sense just to list a few of them, or to use browse. However, list will 
give a written record of them.

A more elegant solution is this:

read file1
gen i file1rec = recnumber          // create a new variable to hold 
type "Record number and subject ID for deleted records" /h2
list file1rec idvar if recdeleted

Jamie Hockin

Henriette wrote:
> Is there a fast way that the data entry supervisor can find the deleted
> files in a record? 

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