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Thu Aug 24 22:31:46 CDT 2006

You can use Analysis to merge the files. It's easy to do manually:

cd c:\directory with the files
read file1
append file2
append file3
* etc
savedata mergefile

If your file names are always the same, you can put those commands into 
a .pgm file to do this.

If the file names change, it can be semi-automated. Using good old DOS, 
it is relatively simple to have a batch file create the .pgm file to do 
this. With .pgm files, you can also do the append for any number of 
files in a directory in a way that you only have to enter the file names 
one at a time. (more complicated, but I've done it).

Jamie Hockin
Public Health Agency of Canada

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> I have several people entering data to a common structure at different sites.  They email me the .rec files which I then combine into one file periodically.  It seems as though I need to combine the files 2 at a time.  Is it possible to combine them in one step?  Are commands available such that a command file could do the task?  Another option is to merge the files in SAS after converting the file 2 at a time, but that, too, would take several steps.
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