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Hello Chris,

This should be rather simple:
1) Just rename your old .qes and .chk files.
2) Then modify what you want in them.
3) And then create a new (empty) .rec file.

Hope this helps!



A 13:04 06/09/2006 -0400, vous avez écrit :
>I will be conducting a survey study very similar to one I've done
>before.  I want to use the same datafile structure:  the questions,
>datatypes, and checks will be nearly identical.  Is there an easy way to
>produce a new set of .rec, .qes, and .chk files, replicas of the old
>ones, but with no records?  Then I can make some small modifications
>before entering the new data.  I'd hate to half to do it all again from
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