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I really like epidata for data entry. In our public health service we use epidata for data entry and epi info for analysis. 

We mainly use epidata/epi info for investigating outbreaks. As outbreaks don't come along all the time the computer support software has to be simple so staff can quickly remember how to use it. I teach courses on using epidata and epi info to staff and they find epidata in particular, very easy to learn.  

The two other things I like about epidata that have stopped me making the switch to doing everything in epi info are
1. How easy it is to have a 'master' qes form in Epiidata. You can open it up - add or delete a few extra questions - save it as a new name and then have a new rec file
2. The way it is easy to add new questions once you have started data entry

With outbreaks we usually want to create questionnaires very fast - so being able to quickly adapt existing forms and adapt them once you've started is great.  

I don't find that Epi info has that flexibility for data entry but I do like it for analysis. I expect Stata can do more things but Epi Info seems to do all we need and of course is free!


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QUESTION: I may be addressing a biased audiance, but Id like some reassurance that EpiData is the best way to go for capturing questionnaire data, which will then be transferred to STATA. I had started an EpiInfo database but then realized that it does not support double data entry...or at least not very easily. 
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