[EpiData-list] EPIDATA really appropriate??

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Mon Sep 25 13:17:09 CDT 2006

Of course, the addressees will be biased, they all have been intrigued 
by the "Epi Info family".  We have been using Epi Info (DOS) in our 
operations research courses for many years and then moved gradually over 
to EpiData as it developed - and I have never been looking back!

For some transition time we had used EpiData Entry and the Epi Info 6 
analysis module, but meanwhile EpiData Analysis has progressed to the 
point where we have been safely and happily making the switch to solely 
using EpiData software.  I believe that it offers all anybody needs for 
data entry (and excels and surpasses any alternative).  It covers most 
of the analytic needs, and in case you needmore sophistication, the 
Export options will allow using any of your preferred proprietary software.

Thus in response, it is emphatically a "yes" to your question.


epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

QUESTION: I may be addressing a biased audiance, but Id like some
reassurance that EpiData is the best way to go for capturing
questionnaire data, which will then be transferred to STATA. I had
started an EpiInfo database but then realized that it does not support
double data entry...or at least not very easily.



Technical Public Health Advisor, Epidemiologist

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