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Dear all,
Regarding the problem below, it is still not solved. To be clear, I am
myself the administrator of my laptop so the problem is not caused by
not being allowed to install. I am really stuck and very sorry to not be
able to use EpiData Analysis in the field (at least not on my own
computer). Are there any suggestions on what I can try?
Thanks again.

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I recently tried to install EpiData Analysis on my laptop but upon
running the setupepidatastat.exe file I get the following msg:

Runtime Error (at 5:598):
Internal Error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdocs".

I have tried repeated downloading from the epidata website but with the
same result.
The same file installed the program without problems on my desktop
Operating system is Windows XP Professional (both desktop and laptop).

Thanks for any suggestions.

Dr Henrica A.F.M. (Henriette) Jansen
WHO Multi-country Study Violence against Women Department of Gender,
Women and Health

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