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Make a QES files with three fields:

brandname ___________
genername ___________
otherfield    _

Make your CHK file:
  COMMENT LEGAL brandgeneric.rec SHOW
  TYPE COMMENT genername



In the field "brandname" you refer to another REC file 
"brandgeneric.rec".  This latter REC files has 2 fields:

brand    ________
generic ________

and the BRANDGENERIC.CHK file must be:

  KEY 1

  KEY 2

This presumes that you have imported the list of brandnames with the 
corresponding generic name into the BRANDGENERIC.REC file, e.g.

     brand         Aspirin       generic   acetylic salicylic acid
     brand          Beuron       generic   acetaminophen
     brand      Efferalgan       generic   acetaminophen
     brand         Panadol       generic   acetaminophen
     brand         Paralen       generic   acetaminophen
     brand        Tyelenol       generic   acetaminophen

If the data entry person starts entering, the list will show as a 
labelblock and starting writing will go to the brandname, once reached, 
ENTER suffices, the brandname is entered into the field BRANDNAME and 
the field GENERNAME is automatically completed.

Hope this helps,


Just arrived on the list.
I am about to construct a questionnaire on Epi-Data. Never worked with =
it before, but it seems to be quite straight forward simple, as long as =
the requirements are simple

However, for some years ago I was constructing similar questionnaire on =
the Paradox DB. It was possible to simplify the type work by cross =

e.g. Instead of typing the patients address, telephone number, and so =
forth, these data was auto-filled in the database that was linked to =
another database with the mentioned informations.

I create a medication questionnaire. As the patients normally knows the =
'trade names', and I am interested in the 'generic names' (as many of =
you knows e.g. one of the most used pain killers acetaminophen exists as =
multiple brands). I have a database consisting of these two variables.=20

It will be 100.000 times easier for the persons typing the =
questionnaires to type one of the brand names of acetaminophen and the =
generic name automatically will be filled.

Is it possible to create this lin on the Epi-data??

Hans L Rieder, MD, MPH
Jetzikofenstr. 12
3038 Kirchlindach

Tel: +41 31 829 4577
Mob: +41 79 321 9122
Web: http://www.tbrieder.org

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