[EpiData-list] Re: Importing other file formats (eg SPSS) to create REC, CHK and QES files

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Tue Jan 9 18:59:41 CST 2007

Hmm... I may have just found a round-about way of doing this for SPSS - as
usual I only find a solution after asking about it!

I just realised that I can save my SPSS file as a STATA file (I was looking
for an SPSS export capability when all I needed was "Save As"), and then
import the STATA file into EpiData. This doesn't give me a QES file (I think
generating a QES file from a REC file is something currently being worked
on?) but does give me a CHK file with value labels and a REC file with
variable labels and data.

Only one small problem - the values which were integers seem to now have 4
decimal places, which without a QES file to revise from I don't think I can
correct? It also means that the format does not match the value labels
(integers) which causes errors. Perhaps I am importing into the wrong
version of STATA... Still, a big step from where I was!


On 1/10/07, Charity  wrote:
> Hello,
> I know that EpiData has the ability to output data in SPSS format (a TXT
> file and an SPS file which can be run to create a SAV file) - is it possible
> to reverse this process and either use a SAV file or a SPS/TXT combination
> to create REC and CHK files (and ideally even the QES file to go with them)?
> I'm also interested if I could generate REC/CHK files from other file
> formats, such as Triple-S (and output to this too) - what options are there
> currently for doing this. If nothing, are any being worked on or considered
> for implementation in future versions? I would be interested in helping with
> developing these things if that is possible or would help also.
> Thanks,
> Charity

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