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Hi Kristine;

If your ID combination is 5 spaces long, combining letters & digits, the most convenient way is to use an alpha-upper case field in the data entry questionnaire:

It should look like that:
Id: <A    > (the '<' opens a string field, the 'A' will transform any letter to the corresponding upper case, folloyed by 4 spaces (so 5 characters can be entered; put more if needed), and the '>' closes the field.

With this field, 'AaAaa' will be stored as 'AAAAA', 'A234a' will be stored as 'A234A'...

Hope this will help!
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Hello Epidata Listers.

My colleague and I are new to the data entry development game and can't figure out the string functions.  Our study id is a combination of one letter and 3 numbers.  I'd like for the letter to always be capitalized.  It seems that the following might be appropriate somehow:

function Upper(S: string): string
Returns a string containing the same text as S, but with all letters converted to upper case.

but I don't understand how it works.  Where do I put the function?  Do I replace "S" with the variable name "id"?  I've tried several variations but since I don't understand the logic, I don't know how to debug my syntax errors.

I'd appreciate any help you could give!


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