[EpiData-list] Re: Importing other file formats (eg SPSS) to createREC, CHK and QES files

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Thu Jan 11 05:49:27 CST 2007

Thank you Gilles,

Seems so clear I'm (almost) embarrassed - why ever did I get the idea that I
*couldn't* make a QES file from a REC file!? Silly me.

Thanks again,

On 1/11/07, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca>
> It is possible to post generate a QES file from a REC: 'TOOLS' / 'QES file
> from REC file'
> Gilles
>                        ______________________________________________
> Only one small problem - the values which were integers seem to now have 4
> decimal places, which without a QES file to revise from I don't think I can
> correct? It also means that the format does not match the value labels
> (integers) which causes errors. Perhaps I am importing into the wrong
> version of STATA... Still, a big step from where I was!

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