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Sat Jan 13 12:36:13 CST 2007

1. Regarding automatically filling of fields
> After trying different models, I managed to create a Syntax that allow me to enter data in one field and get automatically related data filled up in two other fields. I had to split the helping REC file into two files. The Key variable in the first file was the brand (say Aspirin) and the second variable was the Generic name (say ASA), and in the second file the Key variable was the generic name and the second variable the ATC code.
This is a very good example of how "good examples" develop with 
assistance. Please wrap up this example and send for inclusion as a 
worked example for placement on www.epidata.dk/examples.php

E.g. just a zip file with the qes, chk and rec files and a pdf file 
showing the screen. Much like the "Yves" example, a good example was 
created. By combining efforts in this way many people learn and gets 

Another way of giving inspiration is to work out "flyers" in 
collaboration with me, such as 
Projects or institutions having examples or ideas are much welcomed to 
suggest this. Best by writing to "info at epidata.dk "

I hope during the 2007 it will be possible to get a WIKI started with 
mutual responsibility among users. Some aspects of this has been 
started, but the whole organisation is not ready for general use yet.

A WIKI is an open editing system based on contributions from a broad 
base of users. Examples are: www.wikipedia.org, 
http://www.freepascal.org/wiki or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/. An example 
for use in EpiData would be introduction texts developed in local 
language, such as the one announced earlier on epidata-list by Bernard 
Branger and located at 
http://www.reseau-naissance.fr/medias/epidata_guide_2006.pdf and 
which could be kept locally and then with a link in the wiki or added as 
text to the wiki.

The difference from text on the EpiData main site is that the editing 
and placement on the WIKI needs no work from my part. In contrast to the 
main site where I (or another dedicated person) have to do something to 
add texts.

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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