[EpiData-list] Reading and closing files with EpiData

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Sun Jan 14 13:02:00 CST 2007

Dear Marc,
> Also, I did not follow why the Read opened this file, and then I could
> not close it?
> read "c:\epi_info\hosp\hsample.mdb
> malformed string
> . read "c:\epi_info\hosp\hsample.mdb"
> No, data will be lost - Close first
> . close read "c:\epi_info\hosp\hsample.mdb"
> Syntax error

It seems to me that you are triying to open an ACCESS file using EPiData.
EpiData does not read ACCESS files.
Still it trys, and the consequence is this: malformed string message.

Once you have open a data set, Epidata does not allow you to open another
without closing the first. This is because EpiData trys to prevent you of
losing any changes you have done in your first data set. Only if you
activily close you first data set you can open a second.

The reason for the third message: Syntax error is that the syntax for
closing a data set is just CLOSE.

I hope it helps.

Pedro Arias
EpiData Translator

> Thanks
> Marc
> L.A.
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