[EpiData-list] Bug of Unique Key Field

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Mon Jan 22 05:41:35 CST 2007

  Dear Epidata Team Friends,
   We have a unique field known as RECNO. We enter the number manually by looking at the latest RECORD NUMBER displayed at the bottom of the screen.

When we enter the RECNO equal to the RECORD NUMBER. Displayed on the screen, a warning Dialogue box is displayed.


    Duplicate Key in RECNO 
          Value already entered in Record Number #4284

  Go to Record #4284?

          Yes                     No

When I press the “yes” button,

Record Number is 4284 not 4285 as shown in the warning dialogue box.

When I tested higher numbers, same warning message is displayed? 
Is it a bug or some solution is possible ?

Please help us as we are waiting.

Dr. Shavinder Singh

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