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Mon Jan 22 17:45:10 CST 2007

A user wrote:

"I discovered this link http://www.epidata.dk/downloads/docs/commands.htm"
The link is outdated and has been deleted today. The overview of the 
latest commands in most recent development versions can always be found 
at  "http://www.epidata.dk/commands.htm"

However the release of next version of analysis will not take place 
until I find it sufficiently stable for general testing and usage. At 
that point you will find a copy on the testing page: 

I reject telling when a given release is going to be made - since this 
is basically unknown. Unfortunately I am somewhat naive in this respect, 
since severe problems have been showing up during the major rewrite 
ongoing since release of v1.0 build 68. The list will  be informed when 
the release is ready. The same answer applies to the other question:
> When I calculate proportions, how to have Interval of confaince?
> In Epiinfo, the command is Freq "Var"/C!!
Speed of development can usually be increased by confirmed donations to 
the EpiData Association. At this moment the latest donations have been 
given by the World Lung Foundation and the Swiss MPH education organisation.

Thanks for the donations.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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