[EpiData-list] Re: Release of EpiData Analysis v2.0 for testing

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Thu Feb 1 12:33:49 CST 2007

As announced a short while back the module is now available for testing. 
A short example should help users getting started on the test.
1. Expect that some/many set commands have changed. E.g.
 Obsolete ones in version 2: Set statistics, set percentages, set table 
reverse etc

2. You only get what you ask for. e.g.:
tables v1 v2                     // will only give the counts
tables v1 v2 /R                // will give row percentages (column:/C, 
total: /T)
tables v1 v2 /T   /EX              // will give a chi square test and 
with /EX also exact tests for 2x2 tables
tables v1 v2 v3 /T   /EX       // will do a stratified analysis with 
overall exact testing as well.
tables v1 v2 v3 v4   /OA    //will make a condensed outbreak analysis table
tables v1 v2 /SD       // will sort descending instead of the default 
ascending sort on row and column
tables v1 v2 /SRAT       // will sort ascending on the row total    
/SRDT would be descending

3. replacement for epitables or etab will be typically (to have highest 
value as case and exposure):
tables v1 v2 v3 /sd /t

Many aspects are not final yet - notice it is a test build, e.g. some 
issues remain on medians in SPC graphs.
Therefore the front page also states:
Notice - this is a premature test build - only for experienced test 
persons !

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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