[EpiData-list] Validation duplicate files

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Thu Feb 1 16:48:56 CST 2007

Hello Lars,

I just did a small test of this to make sure, and the ordering/sequence of
IDs in the two files does not make a difference when Validating Duplicate

What will cause a problem is if there is a duplicated ID in one of your two
files - are you sure that the Case IDs are unique? You should have "KEY
UNIQUE 1" included in your .chk file for the ID variable to ensure this.

Kind regards,

On 2/1/07, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca>
> Dear Epidata_list,
> I'm a new member of this list and a fairly new user of the Epidata
> software.
> In attempting to validate duplicate files not entered in same sequence
> by two observers I have difficulty in performing the test under
> documebt/validate duplicate files. Attempting to perfom the test with a
> selected key field of case-id an error is given; "Duplicate keys found"
> and the validation is terminated.
> Is it possible to perform a comparison of the two datasets despite the
> fact that the registrations are not performed in same sequence with
> regard to registration of the observations?
> Siincerely,
> Lars

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