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Mon Feb 5 13:49:03 CST 2007

Hello all,

I have been reading the epidata list for while but never tryed to send
anything so far. It has been a while that I cant get the field <d/m/y-today>
work at enter data. I´ve tryed other today autofields but none have worked
so far. When I edit chek, this field appears to be working because the today
date is there and field is not open for edition. However, when I open the
enterdata, the field is always empty and, of course, I cant enter the date
in there.

My work around, although not as efficient, is to use the <dd/mm/yyyy> with
the REPEAT comand in the check file.

Is it some sort of bug or Im doing something wrong?

Best regards, may the FORCE be with you all,

Pedro Brasil
Instituto de Pesquisa Clinica Evandro Chagas
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Av. Brasil 4365, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,
Pedro Emmanuel

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