[EpiData-list] How to edit a graph and set further options

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Wed Feb 7 05:42:08 CST 2007

Click on the "Edit All" button when the graph pops up. You can change 
just about anything here, but you cannot program most of the changes. So 
this is useful for changing final copies of graphs. There's really no 
practical way for the EpiData team to provide command line options for 
everything that can be done. Maybe over time, we can get users to 
suggest the most common options graphs should have - but wait until 
there is a way to manage the suggestions!

So to get percents, click on these tabs: Series, Marks, Style and choose 
Percents from the drop down. Make sure the box is checked for "visible". 
Even though this graphing widget doesn't have documentation, it is 
really simple to explore what you can do.


> When is write bar v1/edit 
> The edit window appears but Am not sure where to get the option to making the appearance.

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