[EpiData-list] Web Site problem corrected. - new graph command ready v2 b106 analysis

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Thu Feb 8 11:48:17 CST 2007

There has been a problem with the website download principle on 
www.epidata.dk during the last 24 hours.
The problem has been resolved, but affected downloads as well as the 
"Mantis" documentation system.

In the latest test build for analysis (b106) a new graph type was 
included, called "dplot"
This will plot a cumulative frequency curve for a given variable. 
Example of usage:

* Show a cumulated frequency percent plot for a variable (here height):
dplot height
dplot height /yline=50
- the values contained are the same as those showed at : freq height /CP

* With option /P: Show a probit plot.
* If the data are distributed as Gaussian (Normal) then a probit plot 
will show data on a straight line.
X axis:  Midpoints of all data. (e.g. if x = 1 3 ...., then first 
observation is at x=(1+(3-1)/2)=2
Y axis: The cumulated percentage is converted to probability and graphed 
as the inverse normal probability
dplot height /P

There is an unresolved issue with small numbers (incorrect showing)

Jens Lauritsen

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