[EpiData-list] QES with two colmns?

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Pedro Emmanuel Brasil wrote: 
> Hello all,
> As times goes by, Im getting the idea that data entry is an 
> art more then a
> science. Many ptojects have to keep a lot of fields in the 
> paper form and at
> the end the paper is not big enough to have them all. The 
> consequence is
> that the QES file should be as similar as possible with paper 
> forms. These
> last couple weeks Im tryin to make a QES file with tow 
> columns but I cant
> get to straight up the second column in the REC file. When I 
> make the QES I
> line up the second by hand, since  menu EDIT\line field 
> comand seems to work
> fine only with one column. But whe the REC file generated the 
> variables,
> labels and filds of the second column are not align as the QES file
> (sometimes the labels are uncomplete).
> The most amazing to me is that I´ve worked on some QES files with tow
> columns before and sometimes it works fine and sometimes it 
> just does not
> work. At this file for example, a few segments work fine and 
> some dont. Any
> tip to work around this matter?
> Thank you,
> Pedro Emmanuel Brasil

in my experience the biggest problem with defining more than 
one variable per line in Epidata Entry is that you can not
fully control the variable naming - i.e you might have to
apply meaningfull names to the defined variables afterwards.

Apart from that, my recommendation is the same as Jamies:
use a fixed width font (I use Thinfix, 9 pt.) in both editor
and `show data form'. If you have to distribute the entry 
form to other users, you might want to distribute a copy of
the 'epidata.ini' file, which is preset with the desired
options, along with the rest of the files.

You might find the data entry forms defined in relation to 
the Family Finder Project relevant:

http://www.stat.sdu.dk/familyfinder ==> FF Data Entry

The data entry form is designed with multiple variables per line.

-- Jesper K. Hansen

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