[EpiData-list] Error when reading a rec file (list index out of bounds)

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Tue Feb 20 17:57:14 CST 2007

The user reporting on the 15th:

When I try to open updated REC file, I get the message "List index out of
out of bounds (420)" - How can I solve this problem? Thank you.

We have seen the problem with earlier versions of EpiData Entry (v2.1), 
but as I remember not with 3.1. But I could be mistaken as I remember 
having seen it, but cannot reproduce the error with any data I have. A 
similar error was reported in February 2006, where the error was: In the 
chk file one of the fields had a wrong name.

The very subtle error message does not give you a clue to this, but 
please check if this could be the cause.

A good strategy is always to try to repeat the problem. What did you do 
since you could read the file last time. Then repeating the steps tells 
us where to look for a problem in the software and often also how to 
solve it.

But your description does not help a lot, since we should know :
1. What did you do btw. the last time it worked and until it did not ?
2. Which versions of EpiData (Entry or Analysis) wrote the file (saved).

If the file can be shown to others you can upload a small copy to the 
Mantis database, see the
http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php with a description - but you must 
first register as a user there.

An easier alternative for the user is to send the file directly to me at 
info at  epidata.dk and we will look at it very soon.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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