[EpiData-list] IDNUM at top of each data entry screen?

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Thu Feb 22 07:39:46 CST 2007

Hi all,

With many fields to enter, the QES file of epidata can easily become 
very large and cover 2 (or even more) subsequent screens. While entering 
the data, after having filled in the last field of screen 1, there will 
be a continuous scrolling down after each next field is entered. To 
prevent this continuous scrolling, one can use the TOPOFSCREEN command 
in the CHK file, which places the field in question at the top of the 
second entry screen. This results in a more steady (over)view during 
data entry, which I think is preferable.

Now to my question. At the top of the first screen I show the value of 
the automatic <IDNUM> field, which corresponds with the respondent 
number written on the questionnaires.  Is there a way to have this 
<IDNUM> shown at the top of EACH new data entry screen? I've tried this 
by simply putting the text

   respondent: <IDNUM>

at the top of each new screen. However, this didn't work well, since 
after the entry and saving of record 1, the next empty datarecord for 
case 2 is shown, but instead of  showing

  respondent  2

it shows

  respondent 1

while at the second screen it shows

  respondent 2

Probably I'm doing something strange, with showing the IDNUM field more 
then one time in the same REC file.
Does anyone know a method to manage this problem?

Thanks, Ben.


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