[EpiData-list] IDNUM at top of each data entry screen?

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Hello Ben,

there's an easy way to do this: use "type statusbar" in the chk-file for 
your automatic field <idnum> and the value will appear in the statusbar 
at the bottom of the screen.


    type statusbar "ID-Number = "


epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca schrieb:

> Hi all,
> With many fields to enter, the QES file of epidata can easily become 
> very large and cover 2 (or even more) subsequent screens. While entering 
> the data, after having filled in the last field of screen 1, there will 
> be a continuous scrolling down after each next field is entered. To 
> prevent this continuous scrolling, one can use the TOPOFSCREEN command 
> in the CHK file, which places the field in question at the top of the 
> second entry screen. This results in a more steady (over)view during 
> data entry, which I think is preferable.
> Now to my question. At the top of the first screen I show the value of 
> the automatic <IDNUM> field, which corresponds with the respondent 
> number written on the questionnaires.  Is there a way to have this 
> <IDNUM> shown at the top of EACH new data entry screen? I've tried this 
> by simply putting the text
>   respondent: <IDNUM>
> at the top of each new screen. However, this didn't work well, since 
> after the entry and saving of record 1, the next empty datarecord for 
> case 2 is shown, but instead of  showing
>  respondent  2
> it shows
>  respondent 1
> while at the second screen it shows
>  respondent 2
> Probably I'm doing something strange, with showing the IDNUM field more 
> then one time in the same REC file.
> Does anyone know a method to manage this problem?
> Thanks, Ben.
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